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New Year New…. You?

Hello my beautiful followers. Hope you’re holidays have been great. As you all know the holidays are often associated with weight gain. GRRRR. 

I for one have been feeling so sluggish and gross lately. Today i am starting my DETOXING TEA routine to start the new year to hopefully feel a little bit better.

if you guys want to come along me and my journey or simply are just curious about what exactly i am doing and what products i am using. 

leave my questions and let me know what you want to hear! 

I love love love hearing from you guys and i hope that you have been well and keeping healthy! 

remember you are beautiful and have a great day xxx 


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hello followers! 

I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting a heck of a lot but i’m really trying to change that! Just know that I am getting your messages and Questions and please be patient with me! 

Happy Spring!